artist at work

he may look like a fruit and vegetable vendor
he's really an artist

he spends 
the very early morning unloading
his produce
artfully arranges the display

some morning 
when i am walking by a little later
i will get you a photo of the finished display
til then
trust me

it looks good enough to eat


  1. I totally agree! Those guys do an awesome job arranging...they really are artists!

  2. That's lovely! A extra little step for the senses. There is one fruit seller who comes to the car boot sale and the market morning in our market town and he puts his wares into large baskets and it looks like some beautiful stall form some French market. At that point I could care less how much his produce costs!

  3. We have one of these at our nearby Kroger's store.

  4. You will have to take a picture for us to to see...

  5. Ah nice. I love seeing an outdoor fruit stall in the middle of the concrete jungle. Another reason to visit NYC.

  6. I love it when people take pride with their work.

  7. Yum! That's one thing I miss about NYC...the gorgeous fruit stands!


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