après le déluge

this weekend was a 50/50 mix 
saturday was somewhat sunny
sunday was mostly rainy

weather peeps say the beginning of may is usually

i think that just means
its as weird as the rest of the year

the only snow storm we had this past winter
occurred over a weekend
got rated as being a top contender for one of the worst
 this past week 
the meteorologists 
after a recount
 snow on the ground aka accumulation
 it was 
the worst one
 new york city history 


i cant wait for summer

i have said this before 
nyc doesn't do spring

this year was no exception

i wonder how hot the hottest day it will be

i wish it would stop raining


  1. We have had another couple of days of dreary rain. Looks like today will be more of the same. Our flowers are so far behind in blooming! Hoping things pick up this week as the Lilac Festival will be starting this weekend!

  2. Rain is dreary - but look at those flowers: they love it! Finally got up som pictures of the view from your office windows...

  3. We had rain yesterday as well- hopefully it's done for now.

  4. Wow, nothing like doing things in extremes! It used to always be dreary and raining here. I remember one July when the children couldn't even go outside and play all month. But then slowly we started getting droughts and lack of mountain snow fall and disastrous ski seasons, and now the dreary rainy months seem to be a thing of the past. Yesterday we had a hot HOT day. A swimming in the ocean day. And then, come 10pm, a skookum electrical storm! I sat outside for the longest time watching the lightning. :D


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