up or down

my mom
 used to say
 she was sure
new york city would be wonderful
 once they finished it

downtown there's a lot of construction
a lot


  1. That's a good saying! LOL I think the same applies to Van. And that's an interesting bit of scaffolding-elevator-nosity. Once, while driving around Redding, a rather large industrial city in Oxfordshire, I saw a hanging basket/gondola type contraption on one of the huge power lines...you know, the ones which march across the country in one solid file and every one avoids living under for the radiation? Well, this ingenious basket/gondola was holding a work crew and they just rode the power lines checking and fixing. I've never seen it use anywhere else, but how wonderful would that be in Canada with miles and miles and miles of wild country separating civilization?

  2. The same applies here. It's odd seeing an elevator on the outside of a building under construction.

  3. We visited NYC, for the first time, in 2013, and were absolutely amazed at the amount of construction......everywhere. We walked under it, in may areas, as if it weren't even there.

    Of course, I was gob-smacked, coming from a province that doesn't even boast one skyscraper. But I'm not complaining about that though!!

    Love what your mom said though. It made me smile and think about my own mom.

  4. Absolutely love your mom's take on the city.


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