this last week
it felt more like autumn than spring
i feel like autumn
'cause i have a rotten cold

no, i guess there are no good colds


  1. There are definitely NO good colds!! Hope you feel better soon Daryl! The weather has been dreadful here...dreary, grey, damp, cold. Glad I got away for a couple of days..but it was not long enough!!

  2. All colds suck. You have my sympathy and my orders to have some hot chicken soup.

  3. I could look at this picture for some time and just contemplate:)

  4. Great architecture! Spring seems to be taking its time establishing itself here.

  5. It does look pretty autumnal and bleak. Even those pigeons look a bit under the weather. And, it looks like there are still dried leaves hanging on for dear life. But, tomorrow the sun will shine...I looked it up! And those buds will start greening up. :D

  6. I want you to be feeling like spring REAL soon.
    Of course, if the weather would get a bit better, that might help.
    Still feels a bit too much like winter here.
    Take good care of you, my friend. xo.

  7. Ugh.. no, it does feel like Novemberish. Hope you feel better soon!


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