walking up 
to the subway
i saw this guy

i cant be 100% sure
i think he stole a newspaper
the front steps
of one of the buildings


  1. Oh bad man! Lol. Maybe he needed it more than the subscriber. You know, my mother watches the news constantly and she's set of repeat and in graphic detail of all the dreadful things which happen daily...except she can't remember half of the facts. But that doesn't stop her from spouting on and on about it in that, "they killed another person over there" kind of way. Maybe I should get her a subscription to the paper. Then at least she'd have the puzzles and comics to spout on about. (I wish they played a daily Downton Abbey instead. She loved that.)

  2. I've seen it done here- guys who swipe a copy out of a store's set of papers before the shop is open.

  3. Hmmm, not nice!
    This is a wonderful shot, Daryl. xo.