hugs given

this is willie
he belongs to my periodontist

thursday morning before my surgery
willie let me give him some serious hugs


  1. Willie is adorable!! What a sweet dog! On the subject of your have my prayers. Dental surgery is never, ever a good experience. Hope you feel better D!

  2. He's gorgeous. Golden retrievers have this adorable trait that they think everyone loves them, don't they? I don;t think I've ever met one who didn't. :D

  3. Oh my - what a sweet face. Hope you have recovered from the dentist!

  4. Hey...cute dog!!

    I won't say anything about being happy your surgery is over and hope you are feeling fine, because I realize you turned off your comments option earlier in the week to avoid all that--te-he!!! Feel better :)

  5. What a handsome fella Willie is!
    I would love to give him some serious hugs too! xo.


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