stopped me in my tracks

not that
 i think
 it would have done the same for you 

back to work monday morning

i think it got me seeing things differently 
maybe just seeing things

i wont relate all of it 
 i had the weirdest dream
i woke on monday morning

in it
 i knew
 i was dreaming

in it
 i thought 
i kept waking up
yet i was still dreaming

cue the twilight zone music

when i finally did wake up
i sat on the edge of the bed
i said out loud
i am awake
i am definitely awake


  1. Nice! I love it when that happens. I think it's called lucid dreaming...hang on I'll go check. Yes, that's it. Apparently, when you get good at it, assuming you can somehow figure out how to practice, apparently you can realise you're dreaming and take yourself to a mountain, jump off and fly around. On purpose! Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. A terrific shot. Good that you're on the mend.

  3. A delightful image in every way! I've had those kinds of dreams, too. Weird.

  4. Yup, this would have stopped me for sure.
    What an amazing image, Daryl.
    Strange dream, indeed. Maybe a symptom of your dental surgery(?)

  5. I'm glad your feeling better. I love it when I see something different in something I pass by every day.


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