deja vu

 over the last few years
i have come down with 
with a sore throat

saturday evening
 i had a headache

i thought
 it was likely due
 to the midweek dentist appointment 
when my periodontist got a first hand view
the 'teeth' under the now temp bridge

getting the temp off
i am tough
 it wasn't fun
the result 
a headache off/on

during the night i woke with a sore throat

deja vu all over again

sunday morning
i debated the wisdom of going out 
 i thought 
a visit to polished a quick stop at zabars 
wouldn't be so bad

 i thought 
you know 
 for once 
be smart 
stay in rest

staying in won


  1. Smart! I hope nothing "cold" has developed. (My husband has been sick since Wednesday...actually missed work on Friday....was given cough meds on Friday and developed a fever on Saturday. Stayed inside on two of the nicest days we've had this year, but cough has "loosened" up some, so he's back to work tomorrow.

  2. It's wise to listen to your body when it needs rest. And I'm sure those ginger cats didn't mind having you around. Feel better soon!

  3. Good plan to stay in. BUT -- ugh on being sick.

  4. Way to say to your body, "body, I love you and need you to be well and so now I'm going to give you plenty of rest!" Tomorrow, or in a day or two, you'll be right as rain. :D

  5. It's never fun to be sick. Hopefully the kitties make good sick nurses!

  6. Good for you!!
    I hope you are feeling much better by now.
    I just love those little kitties. xo.

  7. Ouch - hope you feel better soon. Thank you so much for your offer! I'll mail you if it looks as if I'll have time to visit... I'm actually staying in Bayonne and will be doing stuff in NJ with friends so am not sure when I'll be coming into NY.


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