and an airplane!

its amazing the things we see and the things we dont

i was so busy
 to get those budding trees
 to be part
 my water tower photo
 i didnt see the airplane


  1. Well, it sure came out nice! Beautiful photo D!

  2. Terrific shot! I've done that with the odd post, noticing something in a pic only after the post has been published.

  3. Looks fantastic! And seems to be a popular air route this morning because I can see an earlier contrail. Oh wait, some anorak (the British use of the word, not the jacket) corrected me the other day and said, "If you see them longer than a few seconds they're not contrails they're chemtrails!" Oh brother. I stand corrected.

  4. After visiting the City a few times, I've often commented that where I live, we always notice an airplane and look up when we hear one. A helicopter usually means Life Flight (or fire fighting in the summer). And a siren always gets our attention.


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