weekend is almost over 

i did a lot of walking
i beautified
i shopped
i slept
i ate

two trips to BB&B

toonman's coughing persists
 a big pillow 
to prop him up
 at night 
would be helpful

i bought a european pillow
too bad it didnt work

returned it

bought a extra firm standard pillow
we'll see

all that walking
down to 64th
up to 84th
 got me thinking about food

we hadn't had chinese in a long time
my mom loved chinese food
saturday night
toonman and i tried a new place
we ordered in
(did you really think we went out to eat) 
canteen 82
the food was really good

march 6th 
 the 15th anniversary of her passing
 i didnt put the two thoughts together
 when i ordered the food
 i did after the fact 

she's never really far from my thoughts


  1. What a nice convergence. It's funny the little things that connect us with our parents.

  2. I am sure that mom is smiling down on this, Daryl.
    I sure hope that Toonman is all better soon.
    Love your new header! xo.

  3. Aw, bless. I bet she's never from your mind. And poor Toonman. That's not nice. We've just had three coughing little girls over the past couple nights. Drag. Hope it sorts itself out soon. Big hugs to Toon...but from a distance so nobody gets the coughing bug. Air hug, yeah, that's it.

  4. No matter how long a parent's gone, the loss stays there. Hopefully things improve for Toonman.

  5. i love that you admitted to "i beautified" since i don't think many of us take the time to do that for ourselves…and your mom, she was right there, smiling over that chinese food dinner!!!


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