spring ahead

i posted
daylight savings
 on instagram 

i said
 dont forget to set your clocks ahead



i went to bed after 10 
saturday night
a late night for me 

some of you know
 i go to bed
 fall asleep 
by 9:30

i wake
 when jack begins his morning song
usually around 4 am

week day mornings
 i refuse
get up
 get out 
 before 5

jack's song intensifies as 5 approaches
i often get up just to shut him up
the other two just sit quietly letting him be the alarm

sunday morning 
my darling toonman got up to feed them
i have no idea what time that was 
i was deep in dreamland
some of which
 i did finally get up
clock said

i did my usual morning routine
ending at the computer
oh my gawd
i saw it wasn't 
8 something 
it was 
9 something
to be precise

my mani/pedi was at 

oy oy oy

i can get dressed and out in a nano sec if needed
sunday morning it was needed

also needed was sustenance
kale smoothie was needed 
a stop at greenforce  
before heading to polished

after beautifying
 a very large coffee 
 a lot of lazy

i hate the time change

 thank you for visiting 
thank you to the comment leavers
you're right
the commenting
the back and forth
 blogging is all about


  1. Uggg! There's so much of that let's abolish this ridiculous and ancient idea, but so far the spring forward keeps happening. I must admit that the fall back isn;t so hard to take...lol. But then those darn cats. Mine too. They have a built-in alarm clock in their little cat brains so it doesn't matter, does it?

  2. Love all the clocks! We don't have to make changes here and am glad for it.

  3. I despise daylight savings time...feels like I'm robbed every single year of that hour. I was more disoriented this morning.

  4. I do much better with this time change than in October. Those of us with animals know that it's all about them and their internal schedules. On the other subject....I have never tried a kale smoothie but somehow it just doesn't sound good.

  5. We have our time change later on this month... I like that photo!

  6. Oh no! It's been years since I forgot! We still have two weeks to go... I don't like "summer time"...

  7. As much as I love the longer days, I don't do well with this time change.
    I like the one in October much better, quite simply because I always need more time! xo.


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