handsome boy

no really

that's his name

i am thinking of turning off the comments
 that i am complaining
so few of you
 leave comments
 it seems sort of silly 

i mean
 if the comments are off 
you feel a need
 to say something
 you can always 
email me

tell me what you think


  1. About the comments, I forget to look at your blog, but when I do, the pictures and the commentary are so nice and uplifting, that I always leave a comment.
    And he may be a dear doggie, but I don't trust those dogs.

  2. and now I added you to my side blog list so I won't forget you any more.....

  3. I would suggest leaving the comments as is. Quite a good dog!

  4. 1st- Fitting handsome name!

    I find that blogs without 'comments' get G+ as calling cards.

    Personally, the comments of my friends are sort of the purpose of my blogging - but not entirely. I've often pondered the person I know not who is a regular visitor.

    I know you will do something clever and stylish. suit yourself. We love that about you, D

  5. Comments or not, I will still always visit you!
    And what a perfect name for this fella.
    He really is handsome.

  6. He/She looks lonely.
    I prefer blogs with comments. I think it gives more a sense of community within the blogosphere.

  7. I like the dog and the option to leave comments also. Generally if I don't have anything to say I don't comment. I do appreciate your practice of responding to everybody who does comment.


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