happy leap year day

it was an almost perfect weekend
weather wise
it was perfect 50% of the time
that is good for NYC in the winter

its still winter
even tho
 i hesitate writing this
 its not been a true winter
 a true winter here
 extremely cold
 snowy days 

we dont get a real true spring

approaching rapidly
 can be pretty wintery

 is usually rainy
 at least one week of insanely warm weather
everyone acts as if that wasn't a yearly thing

true warm days

nyc really should
a 3 season year
 be done with it

i know i am

happy leap day!


  1. Happy Leap Day to you too!!!

    I love the largest building on the left in your photo.

  2. Like Kathleen, I like the building on the left...this is a great shot.

  3. Happy leap day! I've finally had time to go through all your Barcelona photos (and everything in between). So glad Toonman is fine and hoping the kitty is out of the cone by now. Don't get me started on the weather ... It's not that I love the freezing cold, but where is winter?

  4. That building is quite distinctive. We've got snow today.

  5. Oh such a relief for the East after last winter. You deserve this mildness. (Knocking wood right now.) There's a three season year happening here too. It goes: fall, spring, summer, fall...


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