barcelona - day 1

last tuesday evening 
 my friend mary
 jetted across the ocean
 the beautiful city of barcelona 

we arrived early wednesday morning 
hopped on the aerobus

 hopped off at the last stop
 portal de l'àngel

walked a short distance
 montsio st

 we'd rented a lovely airbnb apartment 
dropped our bags
 grabbed our cameras
 headed out
see the neighborhood

 one of our priorities
 to find a supermarcat
thats not a typo
 thats spanish for supermarket 

we actually didnt find it
 till it was late
 we were pretty hungry and tired by then 
we'd had a great first day

 i am going to let the photos tell the story

wandering along
peeking into
what look like
but are in fact
side streets

passing a huge cathedral

loving the plaça art

mercado de santa caterina
 one of many large food markets in barcelona
most of which have restaurants within
santa catarina cuines

after lunch
we walked on

parc de la ciutadella
where the
arc de triomf
was built as the entrance
for the 1888
barcelona world's fair

this overlooks a lake
parc de la ciutadella

more art
i think 'he' was looking out over the parc


  1. You seem very brave to me to wander down some of those streets but you did see some awesome things.

  2. What a gorgeous city -- and this is only the first day!

  3. Wow! Well, that's what I've been waiting for. :D Those are some amazing little streets and, since I've never been to Barcelona, it gives me a lovely little glimpse. That statue looks very Dali-esque (maybe with a little Gaudi mixed in) and just perfect up on that Barcelona balcony.

  4. Thanks for sharing all these great photos! I've never been to the city, but from pictures always thought it looked quite impressive and you've proven that!

  5. The architecture is spectacular! Beautiful shots!

  6. That was quick!!! Looks like you had lovely weather!

  7. I was in Barcelona so many years ago now, and it looks just as wonderful as I remember it.
    It looks like the weather was good for you too! xo.

  8. Beautiful--you did a great job showing the sites!!

  9. What fun, meandering through such a beautiful city with you!
    Your lunch looks delicious.


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