a cat tale

what's wrong? 
i ruptured an anal gland
 it was pretty messy
 the nice dr mohr at city vet
 gave me
a bath
 two shots
 one for pain and one for the infection

 i have to wear this stupid cone til monday

 when i eat
 i get to wear it like a super hero cape
 i get to eat fancy feast
they want me to eat so i get better fast

i am milking the for all its worth

i am going to do as much rubbing of my face as i can

she lets me wear it like a cape while i eat

she took the video
 i am so cute


  1. Blimey when I started reading I thought it was you who had ruptured an anal gland Daryl :) Poor pussy cat, the video doesn't work for me :(

  2. Oh no! Which one is that? Annie? Poor baby. It's a good thing you've got that terrific vet. But, on the other hand, that Superman cape does look super cool! (Video not working for me either)

  3. Aww poor Jack sweetie. I hope it's a very quick recovery. He's a bit of a fashionista just like his mamma with that cape/collar.

  4. Poor Jack! No, the video's not working for me either.

  5. Poor guy. And poor parents who had to smell that. Love the cape....I couldn't watch the video either.

  6. Oh no...poor sweet boy. Here's to a quick recovery & lots of FF to fill his belly. (I think anal gland issues are in our future with Zoe too...ugh)
    p.s. I'm glad he has a soft e-collar. I can't stand those awful rock hard plastic ones. Kisses to Jack...xo


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