the other morning
it was barely 10 degrees
when i left home

i cant imagine what the temperature
was on the water
the wind was intense
just walking across washington
(i call it wind tunnel street)
to the office
brought tears to my eyes
made my nose run
if i could have run i would have

the orange boat
 the inbound 
staten island ferry

the middle 'boat' 
a barge being pulled by a tug
(tug was faster than i was and moved out of frame)

the white boat
another commuter ferry

taken from the 43rd floor
 my new camera's 
(olympus  om-d e-m10) 
4/3rds 300mm lens


  1. I love that photo and there's your missing Wed water tower! R liked it too. He said it's a great Armageddon grey photo. :D

  2. Nice shot! I can't imagine it being so cold (especially considering the 39 degree day here today)

  3. Brrrrrrrrr. Sometimes I'm happy that I work from home. Love the boats and also happy I don't ride a ferry in the winter.

  4. Didn't notice the water tower until Veronica mentioned it. Great shot and it does look extremely cold!

  5. Such a great shot! Great framing! I wouldn't got outside in 10 degree weather. My eyes and nose start running when it gets in the 30's!!

  6. I always love your photos. I have a feeling we are in for some real jewels, with your new camera!!

    I notice that there is often mention of water towers in your blog. Is there a special significance...or simply the fact that there are many?

    Cheers :)

  7. The water just looks FREEZING! Nice photo!


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