not quite a record setter

first of all did you know that the storm had a name?
i had no idea snow storms had names
this one was called

 of course
 i am wondering 
if they do this
the way they do
 tropical storms and hurricanes
if so
what were the other 9
where did they happen

jonas did not break the record for snow fall in central park
the snow measurement is done there because it doesn't change
apparently snow falls elsewhere do

jonas left 26.8 inches of snow in central park
the record holder
whose name i dont know
the 2006 storm with 26.9 inches

way to go nameless 2006 storm

i woke on saturday 
went to the window
holy white out

got dressed and headed out

walked down to riverside drive
looked back up
west 80th

crossed riverside drive

riverside park was empty for the moment
thats a runner there in the distance

this is my favorite spot
outside the park
looking up the drive

later in the day i went outside for a minute
to get a shot of that car
the snow that accumulated 
on the back
 made it look like it was speeding 
to me anyway

sunday morning
it was frigid
but sunny
apparently only our part of the street was shoveled
made walking difficult 

when i got up to west end avenue 
it was life as usual

coming back several hours later
this car was being dug out
3 young men as the owner watched

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