new year new post

i have been doing pretty much 
 since leaving the office
 last year

 i love saying that
 last year

my other favorite
 which was
 see you next year 

i did the beautification
 so necessary
 to keep up appearances

 i have eaten
 non stop 
 i have

 just last night 
i had almost an entire bag of oatmeal raisin cookies 
i tell myself
 its oatmeal 
how bad can it be

 it can be really bad

 the lightly sea salted potato chips
 i think
 the word
 i lean on

 we had our annual new year's day breakfast
a huge pan of potatoes and onion
 another of scrambled eggs 

in the past 
we've washed it down
 left over champagne 

not this year
 this year
 it was coffee
 i am sorry my love
those eggs were just not dry enough for me
suffice it to say
 i had potatoes with onions with my coffee 

we took a very short walk new year's eve day 
i wanted to take the new camera out
 toonman's legs called a halt to the walk
 rather quickly 
i did get a few shots i liked 

we went
 a late lunch early dinner 
our 'son' and his girlfriend

 we watched a lot of movies 
i especially liked
 the hateful eight
 the revenant

toonman said
 who doesn't like a good revenge story
 i think for the scenery alone
 the revenant 
is an awesome film

 the hateful eight
at its heart
 a comedy 

 david o. russell at work 
weaving fantasy with semi reality

now its sunday afternoon
its really cold out
 not as cold 
as it will be 
 the next few days

that's okay
it is
after all


  1. nice one
    like it
    good luck

  2. Nice! New Year festivities are all about non-stop eating. Good for you. :D R and I put on 4 pounds over Xmas (we're podgy blobbers) but have already knocked one off. All back to normal next week I think. Quentin Tarantino I can't handle, but Joy is playing in the cinemas here in OXON and so we might go see it as a treat. (Of course, that's going to involve popcorn and more chocolate!)

  3. Oh please don't mention all the leftover holiday food. We have almost none left (a few pretzels, I think). Back to good eating and walking!

  4. A very interesting post. You had a busy few days eating all that food and seeing all those movies and taking all these photos, which, by the way, are excellent. I really like the first one - those wispy trees in black and white are mesmerizing. I think you're on your way to a good 2016! (Tell Toonman my legs aren't so good, either!)

  5. Love the tennis shoe shot! Sounds like you had a peaceful time :) Happy New Year!

  6. Great read of the life you have lived. The photos really did highlight the words and visuals were great shots. Have a good new year.

  7. I love your commentaries, Daryl! Great account of the beginning of the new year.

  8. Doing nothing sounds pretty good to me right now!
    And oh yes, the cold has arrived.
    15 below 0 when I walked the dog this morning.
    Needless to say that neither of us were real happy about that. xo.


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