neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor dark of night

a dog
 they need to go out

i took this in mid-february 2010
after another snow storm


  1. Stay safe if you venture out today D! We aren't getting anything from this storm, but I know you are supposed to get a LOT!

  2. HOpe you aren't slammed this week. But snow today may mean no snow on Feb. 2????

  3. And they probably love it to the max! (Except Chihuahuas. I can't see Chihuahuas liking snow one little bit.) Wish we could just relish in it like the dogs. :D Oh, you should have seen my malamutes. They used to jump around, leap after snow balls, run circles around me and do this weird and funny thing where they would get on their front elbows and stick their noses into the snow and then propel themselves along shovelling the snow with their noses. Hilarious.

  4. Every dog I have had loved the snow and now without a dog I still have this desire to get out in a storm but somehow it isn't the same.

  5. Hope you're doing okay in the snow storm. I've been watching it on the tv news!
    Stay warm.
    xo jj


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