in the distance

look there 
above all that snow

water towers!!!

not so pretty
3 days
 after it falls

 i took that photo


 it was disgusting
even dirtier


  1. You are right--it is pretty while falling and when it's still fresh.

    Up here,the Dept of Highways uses a mixture of sand and salt to spread on the roads, when plowing the snow. The salt melts the ice and the sand gives traction for drivers.....but it's not real pretty after. We have mounds of grey/brown snow everywhere for months!! As well, the salt plays havoc with our vehicles--rust. But, in saying that , it works when needed, so what do you do??

    Have a great week!!

  2. That's the one thing we do not like about the is SO dirty looking after...for MONTHS!!

  3. Snow is pretty in the city when fresh but then a mess. It serves better in the country to melt undisturbed and create a water shed for communities below but we don't get to choose where it snows:)

  4. New-fallen snow is so pretty! For about one day. But the sun is out. And with the street cleaners out and the snow plows out, that beautiful sky offers a ray of hope! :)

  5. Quite a pile of it. Up here the snow piles are removed by road crews after storms, but it may take some days for quiet streets like mine to see that done.

  6. I see it!!
    That really is quite a pile of snow you have. xo.

  7. My clients all mentioned that NYC was looking pretty dismal by yesterday.

  8. Snow is pretty for about a day and a half then it is not. When I was a kid we lived in a town in Utah where everybody heated their house with coal. The snow got grayer and grayer as the days went by. I always wondered what my lungs looked like.


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