sending in the clowns

one thanksgiving morning
years ago 
i got up 
 grabbed my 35mm sir 
 it was
were even an idea 
the damp
the wet 
central park west at 75th street

 it was me and the mounted police 
i had
 a curbside spot
where i waited
 in the cold
 over an hour 
maybe longer 
for the parade to begin

 this is my favorite photo 
from that morning

 i transferred it 
scanned it 
from the 35mm print 
turned it digital 
some years ago
 to use on a holiday card 

i dont think 
i have ever shared it here on my blog

 i give the clowns 
employees in costume
the macy's thanksgiving day parade 

i hope you are all indoors
snug warm
getting ready
a day
of family
of friends
of turkey
of football


  1. I LOVE the photo Daryl! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I'll be watching the parade on tv!

  2. My first thought was, "Clowns? Thanksgiving? Huh???"

    Then, I remembered. You're in New York (DUH) and the parade, so clowns makes sense.

  3. Fun, (even though my first initial reaction was "Ack! Clowns!")
    Happy thanksgiving Daryl and Toonman. I hope your day is lovely and warm and you have loads of fun, friends and great food, and Toonman's football team wins.

  4. That's the area where I met Lois Anne when she finished the Marathon back some years ago. Love the clowns in this photo...this morning, one of the stations spoke with the woman in charge of the Macy's clowns and introduced a woman who has been clowning in the parade for the past 60 years!

  5. I love the photo. There is something about film that I love.
    I hope you and Mr. Toonman had a great Thanksgiving today.

  6. Hope your holiday and the weekend so far have been grand. That's a SUPER photo.


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