busy busy busy

this weekend
 even by nyc standards 
extremely busy 

for me
saturday morning
a facial 
a hair appointment
( yi is back
my hair is back to normal)
brunch with my sister

my Finnish friend liisa & i
both mani/pedi'd
followed by brunch

for new york city
there was 

 halloween on friday

the marathon on sunday

the switch 
from daylight savings
in the wee hours of saturday into sunday

of course 
game 5
the world series

(stolen from the internets)

as of this writing
the mets are down by 1 game

i know 
ya gotta believe

even if 
the mets win sunday evening's game
they'd be playing the tie breaker
in the enemy camp


  1. I think everyone had a busy weekend--enjoy your week!!

  2. I had a surprisingly calm weekend, if you don't count the hours spent getting the outdoor pre-winter chores done. It was a busy short week after returning from a visit with my mom.

  3. Oh love your silly and fun Halloween gear! Way to represent! Beautiful photos pf the early morning light and long bicycle shadows, and very creative verbage of mani-pedi (I'll allow it...lol). I know nothing about baseball so will just say "Yay!" and "Oh NO!" and you just pick the appropriate one knowing I mean the best. :D

  4. A lovely collection of photos documenting your busy weekend. I love the long shadow of the angled sunlight in the bicycle photo.

  5. Your skeleton and earrings were quite appropriate. Sorry about the Mets!


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