beginning of week blather

my weekend
not much to blog about

 it rained
 i didnt mind 
being at the office till 3:3ish

 the temps
 which had been summer-like
it was cold and wet 

 i skipped an instagram meet 
 i am too old to wander central park in the wet/cold
 i really dont need to catch cold 

after getting my hair blown dry
 i spent the day 
on the couch
alongside toonman
whose allergies were really bad 
he insists
 its a cold
 trust me
 its allergies
he had the same thing happen
 a week or two ago
 he gets cold-alike symptoms
 runny alternating with congested nose
feeling crappy
 in a day or two
 its gone
that quickly 

he watched college football 
i read or played mindless games on my iPad

 started off 
dreary cold windy
the sun came out
 while i stayed in 
it looked a lot nicer  

the only good thing about rain 
 a puddle


  1. I want to say "good, a catch up on rest weekend", but that might not be what you had in mind. Still, home is good. Poor Toonman. Adam get allergy attacks too, and it sure sounds like what Toon's got.

  2. We've been back from China for a week now and are just about recovered from the jet lag. We came back to glorious weather all week but it's broken now. Sorry to hear toonman is suffering allergies. xx

  3. When I have a cold they tend to pass quickly- the difference with allergies is all that comes out of that is sneezing. With a cold the sore throat and headache come into the mix too.

  4. How quickly it goes from hot and humid to cold and dreary. You're wise to stay inside. Time to move the sweaters to the front of the closet?

  5. I mostly stayed in too -- it was that kind of weekend.


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