bad weather

rain drops
a less than clean window
 the eye 
its still 
 awesome sky


  1. Very cool! Hope the hurricane peters out before it gets to NYC.

  2. Awesome view...I'm afraid I would spend waaaaaay too much time looking out that "less than clean" window! Ha ha. Is that the statue of Liberty off in the distance?

  3. Not bad weather - just awesome!

  4. I'd just never get any work done! Unless photographing, sketching and painting the view equals work. To me that just equals fun. Love it. x

  5. That is an amazing shot. Having flown in and out twice on my way to Maine I am fascinated and live on the fringe of New York because of your wonderful shots. Land locked in the cornfields of Iowa. Our neighbor's daughter lives on Manhattan Island.

  6. Awesome sky, yes! Also, also awesome water view. Awesome panorama! The muted colors make it look almost like an ink drawing.


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