whats the difference between ...

a bottle 
old fashioned
the new television season?

not much

a lot 
hype bubbles aeration buoyancy


we've watched a few new shows
i thought 
life in pieces
was funny well written a good cast of actors
toonman didnt really agree

he watched
minority report
he wasn't crazy about it
i opted not to watch

i am a snob
a lot of shows 
he watches i dont

we both watched 
i havent discussed it with him
i was disappointed
the trailer was so well edited so intriguing

the writing is not exactly bad
 theres a dumbing down i feel below the clever
i will give it another week or two

i am looking forward to 
the muppets
we recorded it 
we'll watch it tonite
i hope its as good as it used to be

so far of the 'old' shows returning 
we've only seen 
its still fun

have you seen any of these?
have you seen any that you'd recommend?


  1. I haven't seen the Muppets yet -- I forgot to record it. I'll take a look next week. We don't watch a lot of network shows (does that sound snobby?), so we're waiting for the new HBO/SHO/MAX series

  2. Oh, I do like Castle but it isn't available here. I can highly recommend Orphan Black.

  3. So true, except you can make more fizzy water if you like. Jury is still out on Minority report here with us, we've only watched the pilot. Castle has jumped the shark with me but R still likes it. We've both gone off Mr Robot. Way too sweary and confusing. We might be into that one where the naked, tattooed girl shows up in NY. The pilot was good. And are really looking forward to Grimm, the NCISs, How to get away with Murder, Elementary, Agent Carter and the rest of the silly Marvel stuff, and Person of Interest, (although I think that Person of Interest may have jumped as well.)

    1. Oh, and there's the new one where the bloke takes a pill and his brain fires into overdrive. The pilot was good too.

  4. I did see Blindspot- I liked it well enough. I was pleased to see Castle's return.

  5. Donna and I watched The Muppets. I was a fan of the old show; she had never seen it, if you can believe that. Anyway, we both enjoyed it

    My fave show of the moment is Gotham, a re-telling of the Batman origins from viewpoint of the rise of Commissioner (just "Detective" in this series, thus far) Jim Gordon. Donna watches it with me, but only so she can criticize it, I think. I keep trying to tell her it's a filmed comic book and one should not expect intellectual achievement. Anyway, it's colorful, full of bizarre characters and amazingly-directed overacting (many of the characters speak in stilted whispers accompanied by eyebrow arching) and I find it as compelling as, say, Kentucky Fried Chicken, in that it has no lasting value, may actually be bad for me, but still keeps me jonesing for another helping.


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