weekend recappage

lots of pampering on saturday 
i braved
 the mess
the subway has become 
due to 
track work
 line shutdown
this weekend there were no local trains
express trains ran local
if your stop got 'skipped'
there were shuttle buses
my friend's 
pet grooming
 pet supply
 took a 'booth/table
' at the battery park city street fair 
 not on the street 
the battery park promenade
it was
a lovely day

see for yourself

lots of people
lots of things to buy

 to eat

 to drink

new friends were made

 badass brooklyn animal rescue was represented

thats vinnie he's being fostered
a sweeter dog i have not met

these two were recently adopted
they are modeling sweaters their new mom made/sells

 there was a rock band

there was also


  1. Looks like a fun day and well worth any subway issues.

  2. What a fun day and a great name for a rescue organization!

  3. Hey, that's so much fun! Hooray for independent little businesses and teen rock bands. We've had that sort of thing with our local Friday night markets at the shipyards. I like the marketing thing Coke has going on...even though it will never tempt me to actually drink the foul stuff...it's really a good campaign. Love the pups, and love the parrot! I've seen a big increase in people walking around with their parrot on their shoulders lately. Parrots must be the new black or something. :D


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