so, i said ...

those two ladies
 sat and chatted 
 they waited at the vet
 a french bulldog

we got a clean bill of health for jack
the next week 
we had to take harry 
he had a bad tummy 
its all better now 


  1. Good for Jack, though no pet enjoys visiting the demonic fiend that is the vet.

  2. Good dog! Most animals turn into jelly at the vet, don't they? There were loads of dogs with owners last night at the night market. It's lovely to see. R is always surprised at the friendliness of the dogs here in the city, and I guess that the city dogs have to be more socialised than country dogs. :D

  3. The things we do for our critters, even though they don't appreciate it.

  4. I'm glad everyone is healthy again now. I love eavesdropping on conversations. :)


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