morning light

to be 
 the morning 
 i head off to the office

set the clocks back
that tree 
will be bare 
the skies will be dark
 the mornings will be quieter 
 people sleep later
 just move more slowly
the next season


  1. It is like here we go again!! I do love October though.

  2. I love the fall ... can't wait for sweater weather.

  3. Oh yes, it's coming. I was just talking with R about the kinds of seasons in Canada. He's got this view of Canada based on Vancouver and coloured with his life on a very small and overpopulated island. He can;t really imagine -20 in winter and dry snow blowing like sand, and hotter than anything summers where you really have to live inside with air conditioning. He's pretty spoiled with the West Coast and OXON. One day we'll go live in someplace like Montreal for a year. :D

  4. I tend to notice the sunsets being earlier, as I'm not usually awake before dawn, though that'll change as winter comes. Looking forward to the snow!

  5. I love fall, but we had such an amazing summer that I hate to see it go. xo.


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