jeffrey's hook light

 the little red lighthouse 

 beneath the martha washington
 which is what some of us
 the lower level 
the george washington bridge



very recently
 my friend melissa and i 
set out to find the lighthouse

 you know 
if it 
 been missing
 i think
 we'd have had a better chance of finding it 

we knew where it was
 we used melissa's gps 
once we got 
we discovered
 we were still 
a long way
 the actual lighthouse

we improvised 
we went to the cloisters 
to ft tyron park
 had lunch al fresco
 took some photos
drove down to the upper reaches of riverside park 
walked along the river

 lucky for me 
i brought my 300mm lens

 a 600mm would have done a better job 


  1. Look at that tiny little red thing underneath that enormous bridge! I bet that once upon a time people looked up at the light house and said something like, "look at that enormous red light house."

  2. Quite a neat lighthouse.... but really dwarfed by the bridge!

  3. Fascinating, As you know from my comment on FB, I didn't recognize one of the most famous bridges in the world. Duh. I never knew there was a lighthouse there. Duh, again. Thanks for showing it to me.

  4. Grrr on not being able to get closer, but sounds like a nice day regardless -- AND you still got a photo! I didn't know about that lighthouse.


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