another jam packed weekend

technically there's still monday as i am writing this sunday afternoon
here's how its played out so far
if you are a Facebook friend you may think you've seen some of these photos but you havent these are different versions different photos
get on with it

i lunched on friday
with my friend amy

i popped into madison square park
this installation is a lot more interesting in person

 popped into mad sq eats

 too muggy to eat outdoors
we opted for

also on friday
my lovely stepdaughter 

flew in
 to spend
 her father's birthday with him 
his other daughter wasn't able to come

 he was thrilled

we did a lot of eating

live music with dinner
 island burgers and shakes
 on friday

brunch with joseph at fred's on saturday

dinner at risotteria on saturday

cake eating on sunday

in between
 the eating 
we did
 a lot of walking

after brunch
we went down to my office 

down the battery

 thru the park 

to the carousel

 we baked toonman's birthday cake
 i sort of helicopter parented it 
while lisa did the work

30 min later
we were 
our way 
the highline

she had to fly back 
sunday afternoon
not before 
toonman blew out the candle on his cake


  1. What an awesome birthday weekend!! Happy birthday, Toonman!

  2. Wowowowowow what a super weekend! And what's a holiday weekend and a visit from a daughter without a ton of eating. Yummmmmm.

  3. Oh that's so lovely! Treaties galore. I'm so happy for you I'm smiling ear to ear. Bet that was some lovely jazz at the cafe. Friday night we went to the shipyard night market and the band was playing into the night and R got up and had himself a little dance, (he used to dance professionally), and he really got going and the people around cheered him on. Bet he would have done that if we were with you at that cafe. LOL.

  4. It looks like a great weekend. I didnt quite get the Madison Square installation from your instagram pic but the same pic on facebook on my laptop made me realize just how cool it is. And hey cross post Instagram, facebook, and blog pics all the time. I don't worry about any longer. I do supply pics to an Urban Wilderness Group here in Tulsa who for some reason can't quite get themselves out in the Wilderness so I try not to post the same pics as I give them, unless they don't use them after a month then I feel free.

    I got off topic. What a weekend you had!!

  5. What a fantastic weekend for everyone!
    Happy Birthday, dear Ray!!! xo.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I really like that installation.

  7. A very busy weekend! Happy Birthday to the Toonman!


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