weekend recappage

so aside 
from the nation's birthday party 
what happened? 

i left the office around 11:30ish 
 came home and hung out
 the internet wasn't working 
called those wonderful people at time warner 
long story short
as short as i can tell
 the issue 
which was resolved 
 between 3 and 4 pm 
 time warner thinking
 according to the tech 
we were getting wifi 

 we aren't

our wifi 
comes via apple's airport extreme 
 time warner's unbelievably large modem 

the slowness
 the tech explained
 was due to the modem
 it was sending out wifi 
(even tho the wifi button/light was not lit)

 the tech adjusted settings 
 faster internets 

before the tech arrived
 i was across town with my friend donna 
we had lunch
the met's member dining room 

where the food is artistically presented

after lunch we wandered down
the temple of dendur

i can't resist a reflection shot
a photo of someone taking a photo

 to the
 china: through the looking glass 

three floors 
 movie clips projected on the walls 

its an incredible exhition
 the curator did a outrageous job
 coordinating then and now 

i need to go back 
because it was crowded
there's a lot to see
i really didnt see it all

 the fourth
 i decided to trek to the office
 to get photos 
of the hermione 

the hermione
 is a replica of the ship 
on which
 lafayette sailed to the colonies 

she participated
 a flotilla of masted boats and ships
 up into the harbor 
past the statue of liberty 
up the hudson to the intrepid
 then back down again 

after beautification 
i played at being a sloth
 i read
started a new book 

after having zipped 
 both mr mercedes and its sequel finders keepers 
now i have to wait 
for the 3rd and final book
 in a truly wonderful series by stephen king

along with 
i spent my fourth 
(and fifth)

 what did you do?


  1. the salmon looks good, is it fiddleheads under it? never had them, how do they taste?
    my feet could use a trip to polished...

  2. Well, that's a proper holiday. Good for you. The only possible thing which would have made it any better would have been a sleep in. :D That exhibition sounds amazing. I'm aching to go into London for the V&A or something. So close and yet so far! When you go back take loads of photos please.

  3. I merely tried to keep cool in the heatwave, lol. And of course was jealous of you re. l'Hermione!!! :-) Now I'm even more green with envy when I see that marvellous exhibition!!!

  4. The Met is on my bucket list. That dining room looks wonderful. You and I share the love of taking pics of people taking pics, and reflections, and I really love taking pics of people talking selfies. (The Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City has banned selfie sticks.) Too many paintings were getting poked with them.

    I love the shot of the Hermione and all the boats running with her.

  5. Loved the ship photos! So great that your office has a beautiful vantage point. And we overate too -- lots of meat (yikes!). Now hoping for a week of light vegetarian meals before I spend the weekend with friends to do this whole eating/drinking thing again!

  6. How wonderful to have the exhibitions you have in New York, so many choices with how to spend a weekend. And the salmon looks delicious! I'm thinking I need to head to the fish store and put a big piece on my grill. The presentation won't be quite as fancy but still....


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