on the eastside
 these pups 
waiting for the light to change

i hurried up 
to capture
the white dog
who got tired waiting 
to cross
86th at park avenue


  1. Add in summer heat and they'll be glad to be inside.

  2. Nice shot. As the downtown revitalization of Tulsa's downtown continues there are lots of people walking their dogs. Fifteen years ago there was nothing but tumbleweeds blowing down the downtown streets after about 5:30.

  3. Nice! Was that a blue tick coon hound or a German pointer? Oh not good city dogs! We rescued a blue tick once form the farmer at the cabin who had too many puppies and wanted to shoot it!?!? and we tried to keep him, but he was Houdini dog from hell and found a way out of the completely fenced garden and went baying up the city streets with such regularity, that we gave him to a cougar hunter 500 miles up BC, where he lived out his very happy life. And, one girl in Van owns a German pointer who she hikes on a favourite hike of mine, and I swear that dog does double, or even the triple hike she does, because it runs ahead, runs back, runs behind, runs back, and keeps this up for the whole two hours. Whew. I need a German pointer to keep in shape. :D (Robert just looked over and said, "are you writing a book? lol)


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