summertime treat

my new addiction
 starbucks cold brew cold ed coffee

have you tried it?



  1. I have not, but then I'm not a coffee drinker.

  2. Coffee always sounds like such a good idea, but it makes me so jittery that I don't drink it. Even the decaf makes me jittery. No idea what that's all about. But recently, (except now it the UK because I'm 6 miles away from the nearest Sbux), I've been loving the green tea lemonade. Except you have to ask for light ice otherwise you get a cup full of ice and a little bit of the $4 drink. Come to think of it, the UK pound is almost one to two dollars, which makes the lemonade $7! Good thing there aren't two Sbuxes on each corner here like in Van!

  3. I love iced coffee but haven't tried the Starbucks .. will do.

  4. Love almost anything Starbucks, but believe it or not, just can't do iced coffee.
    Strange, I know!! :-)


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