status quo? no!

weather hot humid hazy horrible
my photos are finally
 as of 
 i just looked
 so i could whine
 how much longer 
it will take to clear them 

they're cleared 
iCloud photos
nothing there 

i guess this weekend 
i will have my last communcation

i wont miss the chaos
 i will miss him
 he's a terrific kid 
 a puzzle solver mentality
i can admire 
 identify with

waiting was tough
i feel like these parents
all excited about
their kids
getting home from day camp
i am excited 
i will be able to access my photos again 
 a lot of clever work around


  1. iCloud photos are empty, that made my heart stop right there for a moment. From the context I understand only the cloud's empty, the photos are somewhere, safe.
    The children being sped off to camp, I gather. Somewhere cooler.
    I empathize with your hot and humid, something I don't miss. We had a spell of very hot days, 100+, and yesterday it started raining in the late afternoon. Timidly at first, creating a hothouse atmosphere. Luckily, stronger rains arrived by nightfall and I am typing this by the open window, almost cloudless sky, and air so clean and fresh, I almost need a light sweater. What luxury!

  2. Well, congratulations on the photo clean up! That was a job and half. I still have to do that with my photo files on my pcs. really something which I keep promising myself and keep putting off.
    That one father looks a little too happy to be sending his kid off on that bus. Like I keep telling my daughter, don't tell the kids they need their sleep, YOU need their sleep. So long kids, and thanks for the

  3. I really need to organize my photos and delete the duplicates and blurry ones and stupid ones ... Another life.

  4. Humid hot days are one kind of weather I really dislike. Thus far this summer we haven't had long stretches of those.


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