a year old pitbull 
was rescued
 from a life in a dog fight 'kennel' 

he is very sweet 
he was sitting on a bench
 near strawberry fields
in central park

his person told me 
nitro was neutered yesterday 
was still a bit logy 
a bit under the weather 

i found him to be a charming chap
 i scratched his ears 
he nuzzled me
 the dog version of a cat head butt


  1. Such a cutie. You know, I'm always amazed at the amount of dogs here in E with all their bits still on. Vancouver has a major spay and neuter policy, (unless show/breeding stock) but here in E there's a lot of aggressive dogs running around fully equipped!

  2. Well, it has to be done, of course, but poor guy!

  3. What a handsome fella, and I LOVE the name! xo.


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