last friday 
i spent 
a few lovely hours 
at the whitney

 i discovered this lovely little space
 i think its on the 3rd floor 
tho i could be mistaken

 its a long room
a fabulous view
the river 
new jersey

 lined with comfy chairs 
floor to ceiling windows 
a charming place 
to regroup
after wandering the art filled galleries

the whole time 
i was trying to get a full shot
 the angle defied my iphone capabilities
of the space and the interaction of the people
that young woman was texting 
oblivious to the beauty before her

 her loss


  1. That's a great place you found. I sometimes find wonderful places like this too and it's lovely to look forward to going back again and again. Love the bespoke Daryl bag the one lady is carrying. :D

  2. Yes, I'm wondering why on earth that young lady can't take in the view instead of the texting.


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