weekend blather

its sunday night 
 instead of sleeping til 7:30 or 8
 i will be up at 4:30
the dynamic duo
 jack on jumps 
harry on vocals 

my iphoto/cloud issue

the flood gates aka iCloud photo access
 has been opened
duplication of all photos was made
  the photos
 make the journey
 the mac and the cloud

 the techs
zap the cloud
 shake it out
 begone evil juju
all the photos
will be gone 

complete thorough backup 
was a prerequisite

thats the long of it
 the short is
 i have no photos to share 

taken on
when i was on my way to the spa
 for the much needed 
monthly massage 
 exhale spa is well named 

 i did nothing

helped me 
 a ton
 never use them
 i could use that space
 housing works 
a more upscale 
good will 

another trip 
next week 
shoes from the late 60s 
boots i dont wear for whatever reason
 last weekend 
this  one
was a washout 
in more ways then the weather
mostly it rained or threatened rain 
the sun came out after lunch

we rewarded ourselves 
we schlepped 
the stuff across to columbus/75th
with ice cream

 of course 
it was father's day
 toonman's two daughters and our 'adopted' son
 called to chat
not all together 

the cats did nothing
 isn't that just like cats


  1. Love that photo and that looks like a fun job for some reason. I mean, you can stand there and paint posts and look at people all day. Mind you, my camera would be totally covered in paint in no time...lol, and the posts would probably end up with flowers or birds on them, but there you go, I'd be happy. Nice that the kids called. Jonathan sent me a text yesterday saying, "Mom, any idea what my blood type is?" So, as soon as I finished freaking out and actually calmed myself by realising that if he were in some horrific accident where he needed a blood transfusion, he probably wouldn't be texting me and the hospital would have done a blood screen, thought number 2 was: he's going to San Fran on Friday with his girl, (who he's very serious about), and will elope and needs the blood type for an American marriage licence. I KNOW! Quality freakoutage! Actually, when I called him to say I checked his baby books and we didn't have his blood screened for type, he said no reason, that he and Chantal were just talking about it in a casual convo. What am I like?

  2. The dynamic duo have to keep you on your toes, after all.

  3. I took two bags of clothes to Goodwill last week. It feels sooooooo good.


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