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if you follow me on instagram or Facebook these photos maybe familiar i got this wonderful 8 inch replica of a nyc water tower from to+wn designs click here for a link to their etsy store in addition to water tower replicas they have designed some very clever jewelry

i took this up on our roof

the wheatgrass that comes with it
has started to sprout
you soak the seeds overnight
plop them on top of the soil
keep it in a dark place for 1-2 days
when it begins to sprout
move into the sun so the grass gets green

here it is on my window shelf
i am hoping there's enough sun

i also found some very funky cool jewelry
artisan community
click here

i am in love with these

i'd regale you with more photos 
 still waiting
 for the cloud techs to finish up


  1. Do we need to do a Water Tower Intervention?

  2. What a perfect little addition to your home. I suppose like that Flat Stanley, you could take it all over New York and take photos of it. Ha!

  3. You know, when you posted a photo of that wheat grass a day or two ago, I made a mental note that I love what it was growing in but didn't really understand what that was. So that's it!!! Brilliant. I love it. Off to do some link following now. C would love those earrings. :D

  4. I feel like Laura Hall and I should have one of these as much as we love water towers. I may have to check in on it again. :)
    Earrings are gorgeous!


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