sour grapes

i had a great weekend
 i went down to the battery
did a little walk about
 had lunch with my friend judy

 heading back 
i walked up through brookfield place
 into my office building 
out on the street 
to walk to the subway

 you know
 i work in the world trade center 
you know 
i have fabulous views from my office windows 
you may not know
 that i have been expecting
 to get 
a pre-official 
opening visit 
 the new 
world trade center observatory

 the observatory
 to see the same views
 i have from my office
a bit higher up 
 that never happened 
there were politics at play 
i wont even begin to try to explain the whys and wherefores

 i will tell you 
on friday
the sun shone bright 
 the skies 
 clear blue and cloudless
i was not happy 

i wasn't going to get to the observatory
 i am petty enough 
not want anyone 
who was
 have a good view 

i am over it now 

here's a photo
 i took on my way to brookfield place 

the rest of the weekend'
errands and beautification 

sour grapes leave a bad taste
 everyone who did get up 
got some great photos


  1. Alright, blue Monday on Friday already! The new week can't be but great, don't you think?
    The people who got up there probably had their cameras jinxed anyway. ;-) Happened to me more than once in places and with people I'd never see again. Now that I mentioned it, I could go in a corner and scream drats, loudly.

    1. P.S.: Am I wrong to think that going up to the Empire State building already was $30 in 2004? Multiply that for a family with four children. ;-)

  2. It sure is expensive, isn't it?? Glad that you got in some beautification!! THAT is definitely worth spending money on!! I definitely think you should have got first dibs on the Observatory though...politics always gets in the way!! Happy Monday D!!

  3. Oh pooh! Too bad. But I bet you'r turn will come. Karma will send you some free tix for up there or something twice as nice. I had the art in the garden weekend and loads and loads of work, AND, I just discovered that I missed the private garden of an artist who I admire so very much because I was in my own garden, so double pooh! Oh well, can;t win them all. :D

  4. Grrrrrrrr. If this makes you feel better, I know someone who had a pass on Thursday morning. She said it was too foggy / cloudy to see anything. So there. You got your wish. :)

  5. Your 'take' on that slice of the building is stylish for sure.

  6. Well. That just not right. I'm sorry. However, you do get to see the view every day and they are not as blessed as you are. Glad you had a good weekend :)

  7. That does sound expensive, but given that you get pretty much the same view, what's the point in going up a few extra flights?

  8. Did you by any chance watch CBS Sunday Morning? I believe it was your building Mo Rocca featured in a piece about window washers. My thought was, "I wonder if Daryl works on the 38th floor?" since that was the one he was hanging outside of and waved at a person within.


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