left the office early on friday
 it was a pretty day
 the fog dissipated

i spent 2+ hours at apple 
they replaced 
my fairly new but not working properly phone
 with a new one
 so far it seems to be working 
as it should 
time will tell

 i got new eye glass frames 
i will show you once they're 'done' 
followed that with erranding 

there was also 
a iPhone screen protector fiasco
 i am not pointing fingers 
when i went to get another protector
 i had the nice woman in the store apply it 
so thats done
 as are my nails 
 other beautifications

 chillier and damper
 than forecast 
my hair looks a bit worse for it
 you know
 there are more important things to stress about 

mother's day
 i hope all of you who are mothers 
 those of you who have mothers 
had a lovely day 


  1. Love the flowers! Bummer on the phone. Hope the new one is all good.

  2. Beautiful flowers, Daryl and I hope the phone works great for ya!

  3. What pretty flowers these are, Daryl.
    I hope this phone works better for you. xo.


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