weekend whines

a particularly busy
exciting weekend 
it was filled
 worth writing about 

lets look back to friday

i believe i told you
 how our television provider account had been hacked
i thought it was all settled


the newest bill was less by a few dollars 
who questions lower bills?


after comparing
 january/february bill
 february/march bill
 i called
 spent a lot of time on hold
 spoke to two different reps 
 its resolved

so i thought

 we got an automated phone call
 instructing us
use the mailer provided
 disconnected 'box' 



two boxes
both are connected

i decide 
i dont feel like dealing with it 
i dont call to say the obvious

 the buzzer buzzes

toonman goes to see who/what
a big cardboard box

 as soon as
i see the name on the box 
i call the provider 


did i not clear this up?!?!

 are you sending me 
a box
 to return something
you know it 

many many apologies
followed by
 queries of anything else they can help with 

 i am sure something else will happen 
but for now ...

recently apple
i wanted
to be part of
 their latest beta test 


  i backed up my computer
 downloaded the beta update
spent hours 
testing the new photo app

i got figured it out

a call to apple happened
as well as 
5 reports
 the 'feedback assistant'

speaking of photos
 i shot my very first portrait

 a friend has written her memoir
 she's had a very interesting life
at one time or another she's been
an agent
 a manager
the head of one of the largest theatrical agencies in the world
 a producer of broadway shows

she needed a head shot for the book cover
asked me to shoot it

toonman helped with the lighting on the indoor shoot
 our friend bill helped with some of the interior shots

 i shot over 100 photos
 she whittled them down to 3 
we ended up with one we all liked 

i will get photo credit on the book flyleaf 

i am going to prevail on some of my friends 
who shot manually
 teach me
i have spent 35 years 

you ask 

 i have no idea
 how to use my camera
 except in program mode

i point
i shoot

 this weekends photo shoot 
showed me
 i need to learn
how to use the camera

 i guess
 i can't keep getting by
 just relying on my 'eye' any more

   i beautified
 got a hair cut
 as well as 
the weekly mani/pedi 
errands were done 
time was spent outdoors 
in the sun 
even tho the wind was icy cold 


  1. You always have interesting weekends D! I have about had it with our cable company too...they are driving us so crazy that we are probably going to cancel. It is just getting to be ridiculous!! They said the bill would go up by 8%. It went up 25% and there are about 5 channels that we actually watch. It is just not worth the outrageous prices they are asking!

  2. This is why I've stuck with my (wonderful, independent) cable provider since forever!

  3. Bunch of wanna be players! They can help with a couple months of service credit for being such a pain in the ass.

    Well done on the portrait job! These days the point and shoot is so advanced and the photo editing software so very, very good, that you don't really need to worry too much with f stop and shutter speed. Also, if it's for a book jacket or the internet and not to be blown up for the wall, then definitely not.

    Nice photo of the beutification! :D

  4. How nice that your friend chose you to take the photos. A little affirmation goes a long way when it comes to our passions. I have been shooting Aperture priority but have been practicing with Manual settings, ISO settings, Exposure compensation and such. With the wildflowers blowing in the breeze, often in the bright sunlight, it can take some practice to get it right. But really, do what works for you and makes you smile.

  5. Wonderful that you were chosen to do the photo shoot! What a sweet friend and I'm sure you all did an outstanding job. I don't know f stops and all that stuff either. I thought you did with the excellent shots you take. You had me fooled!

  6. For years, I used the auto dial. And i got some really excellent photos using that. But it's good to know how to use your manual mode, especially when you need to adjust for different circumstances, mostly involving light. Reena taught me how . . .

  7. Congratulations on the really cool gig! Knowing how much you love photography, that is awesome!


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