the weekend that was

 rainy all day saturday
 didnt stop me
 bussing across town to the spa
for a much needed
a facial
 a temporary escape 
from a mouth ache 
not exactly a toothache
 i will explain
 for months
 i was eating crunchy foods 
lots of chewing
 i noticed when i yawned 
the 'hinge' of my jaw on the left side
 - with me if its a problem, its on the left side .. really - 
it was out of whack

who do you tell something like this

i decided
 when next i went to the dentist
 i would point it out

 my jaw and my left - see i told you - upper teeth 
which are under a bridge 
were achy 
not achy
 to cold
 to hot not so much

 i toughed it out
eating softer food at room temp

 it seemed to be worse 
 it seemed to stop

i took some pain meds 
i reasoned
 if it was a nerve thing
 it wouldn't be responding to pain meds

 needless to say
 i did call the dentist on friday 
 opted not to see one of his associates 
as he was not in

 i made an appointment for tuesday 
 its not an emergency
he was booked pretty tightly on monday
 the massage
 the facial
 relaxed me
 the pain meds really relaxed me

 the weather was so nasty
 i did my thing
 went home 
vegged out 

supposed to be nicer
 it wasn't raining
 i guess that made it nicer 
 it was that cold to the bone chill 
that comes with an early spring day with no sun

 i manicured
 my jaw/tooth/whatever ache
 seemed gone
 its not throbbing
 its feeling 
like a root canal
 might be coming


  1. A good weekend in spite of the jaw/tooth problem. I've got a couple of those "nagging" teeth. I hope you get better after the dentist visit!

  2. Wet and disagreeable.

    And the tooth problem could also be a sinus issue- it sometimes manifests itself as feeling like a toothache.

  3. Oh no! I hope it's not a root canal or something nasty. William might have a point. I get that jaw pain sometimes but for me it's a touch of osteoarthritis. Dentists...ugh. Just had three of four deep cleanings under a local. Feel a bit beaten up in the mouth and jaw. One more to go in a week's time, the quarter with the dodgy tooth. Ugh.

  4. yikes.....I had a real bad ache but it tuned out to sinusitis....try the bowel of hot water head under a towel trick it really helped me!!

  5. hope it does not require a root canal. They are never fun but when needed one ofter feels bettye afterwards .. the red umbrella really pops in the photo .. best wishes.

  6. Pretty shot! Hope you get that tooth sorted out.

  7. Nooooo!!!! on the root canal. Sigh. At least they're a lot easier than they were in the past.


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