this and that

live and learn
 i say

 just that 
having waited as (well practically) usual
 for me
 remind him
 'do a toon' 

he sat down 
last night around 8:45
 got that error message
 i posted yesterday
 in place of his toon 

i am sure the toonlet site 
will be fine 
for the toon
 he's planning
next week

 right, honey

i had a long overdue lunch
 a blogging friend
 i had not seen for 5 years

 we know its that long
 because the birth of her now 5 year old grandson
 was the reason for the last broken date
 by the by 
little henry
 has two younger sisters 

elizabeth aka biffwix 

 all about lunch
on her blog 

she's also is an instagrammer 
you can go there
 to see her photos 
under the 
@biffwix tag

and of course wednesday
wordy or wordless
wouldn't be wednesday
a water tower
a bonus
a ghost sign


  1. Poor Toonman. I'm sure everything will be just fine in Toonland next week. Love that ghost sign! Some of these kinds of things should be protected heritage I think. Hope no one power washes it off or paints over it. Lovely for you to have a visit with your friend. Isn't it amazing how some friends we maybe don't see for a million years but that old friend rhythm is still there when we do. Off to read about your lunch now. :D

  2. A ghost sign. How cool. I'm trying to use Instagram but haven't quite figured it out. I suppose with a little more practice it might make more sense. Anyway, I follow you and perhaps that will help me.
    A blue sky? Yay for you!!!

  3. ooh looks like spring may havefinally sprung....fingers crossed.....had the joy of meeting Elizabeth myself on my recent trip, a real delight!!

  4. Surprising to see the word Algonquin come up in New York City, but then there was the Algonquin Table.


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