the food post

social butterfly 
am i

 my friend judy met me for lunch
 we had a nice leisurely time
 in the food court in brookfield place 
 i went home in the snow

 i met my friend melissa
 some other people 
we know 
 the annual instagram worldwide meet 

we wandered the west village
 it was nice in the sun
 in the shade not so much

 after an hour or so
 melissa and i 
needed coffee 
we popped into a small place
on hudson 

when we came out
 everyone was gone
 they'd walked on ahead
 without us

 we looked up hudson

 we looked down hudson 

we shrugged 

we took 
our not very hurt feelings 
west 4th 

 i had 
the most delicious
 avocado on thick toast 
 a side of scrambled 
excellent coffee
 lots of good conversation

 much nicer 
much sunnier 
i beautified 
stopped at zabars 
got my own avocado to mash

 toonman out for a walk 
 it really wasn't warm enough
 maybe next weekend


  1. Somehow I managed to lose my comment on the way to publish it.
    Anyhow, I was here, enjoyed what I read and hope spring will finally burst forth in your neighborhood,

  2. I took a short walk on Sunday -- it's still a little too cold. this week though should be great. And I think I would have been right with you for coffee and a brunch!

  3. SNOW?!? Not again! But your coffee and brunch with a friend looks like a much better option to me than following some ungrateful bunch who don't even wait. I know the very few times I signed up for, (or got railroaded into), a group tour/experience/meet I usually got lost within a few minutes accidentally on purpose of course. :D

  4. Spring remains elusive, I see.

    Scrambled is my preferred way to have eggs.

  5. That avocado sandwich looks divine. Now I want to get my own for a mash. It's great with just some s&p.

  6. You are a social butterfly. I have yet to attend my first instameet. They have had a couple here but the schedule just hasn't worked for me yet.


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