changing gears

spent the whole day 
the whole of new year's day
 my pjs 
being a total sloth

 what a nice lazy day

 i spent some time looking at photos from amsterdam
 i took a lot of photos
 some could have been taken anywhere
 toonman complained 
after my trip to paris
 that i didnt take photos of paris but of things 
he also pointed out 
that when i travel 
i never seem to take photos of the place i am staying

 i dont know why i dont
 i guess 
its because
 it really doesn't strike me
 a photo 
anyone but me 
would want to see 


he would like to see them

 memo to self 
next trip
 photos of where i stay
 will be taken

 as for
 the habit
taking photos
 that could have been taken

 thats not something
 i can change

 i dont look around
about taking pictures

 some how
 i seem
 just see something
my camera or phone

 like this
 i thought this wheel was ever so fascinating 

i even
 with it a bit 
used topaz labs bw effects 2
 fiddled around with the settings
 i saw something 
i felt i wanted to share  


  1. Cool shot! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

  2. You are much more patient than I when it is pointed out that I didn't take pics that somebody else thinks I should take.

  3. Nice! R says it's probably a twin disk wheel off a Ducati and the writing says Brembo. He says it's the same wheel as on his Project 17 except twin disk. His is single disk. He says he really needs a twin disk because his bike is too powerful for the single disk and occasionally overheats. Oh, and he says different mud guard. Lol. Very worthwhile photo I should say. :D There are photos of the Project 17 on the blog but you just have to search.

  4. It's certainly a worthy shot to take. Has something of a futuristic feel to it.

  5. So I am taking it that this is a wheel from Amsterdam then. I'm sure you took lots of photos that say Amsterdam . . . right?

  6. I'm almost the same way, but I love taking pics of interesting architectural elements and signs, so I get the flavor of the country by default.


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