queenheaven's dogs

these dogs
 spotted and snapped
an instagram friend
 who goes by the name

 she took this photo
 williamburg brooklyn
 people watching 
the metropolitan pool

i loved the shot so much
 i asked her
 if i might use it

 she said
 she told me about one of her dogs 

that's her
 her name

 she looks heavenly
 doesn't she
 what a face

i also want to tell you about a etsy shop i found
its called
oddball cat toys
the wonderful toys
 anne springer makes/sells

i bought the
cat kicker toy
a fuzzy 'fur' grey white yarn toy
doesn't look like much
oh boy
its got some amazing catnip in it
all 3 of our gingers are in love with it


  1. I love that cat toy! I know our girls would have loved it too.

  2. Cute little wrinkle puppies. We one 1 month old the other day. Talk about adorable. Chloe tells me that they are a lot of work to look after because apparently you have to clean between all the folds and wrinkles or they risk getting infections there.
    The cute little poodle thing looks like my Babi's (Czech for grandma's) poodle Desi. She was also sweet and loving, except if she was left alone and then she's tear up Babi's stockings or roll her little white body in the fireplace soot and then roll on the carpet.

  3. I used to be a ginger and I can tell you with certainty you'll never go wrong offering a ginger some nip.

  4. Heaven's a pretty pup. Those three dogs are utterly adorable!

  5. Heaven actually looks like she might be part bichon and/or poodle?? Those three dogs are so cute!! Love the cat toy...our cats used to just go absolutely CRAZY with catnip! One Christmas, Minnie got in to her toys before everyone got up and spent the entire day DRUNK from her nip! Good times!

  6. Ooooo boy, stocking stuffers for Miss Kitty!
    Thanks for sharing, Daryl. xo.

  7. I think I had better go check out the cat toy site!

    Cute pups! And Heaven looks like an angel!


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