dressed in holiday style

morning skies
 will be lighter 
when i leave for the office

 with the longer commute
 i leave a few minutes earlier
 i suspect
 i won't see 
the change
i get downtown

 right now
 the city
getting its holiday on

 the tree
 rockefeller center
wednesday night

 the tree
 lincoln center
on the upper westside
monday night

 businesses and hotels
 upper broadway
along their streets
with lights

 dressing their facades
 as well

 in a way
 my morning walk


  1. No place like New York at the holidays...heck, anytime - but esp the holidays!

  2. I agree with Cloudia! It must be fabulous to be able to see it every single morning! Holiday decorations are beautiful! Sets the mood for the day...don't you think??

  3. NYC is so pretty during the holidays!

    Love how the streets look glowy because of the rain.

  4. I can imagine how beautiful it is. I really like the glow on your photo. Please continue to share because I'm sure there is nothing like NYC over the holidays.

  5. I see what you mean. Actually, that's a fantastic result for the darkest month, isn't it? Mom was complaining bitterly yesterday. She lives in a neighbourhood of very expensive houses, and the new house across the street just had a professional company come hang the Xmas lights and it's lit up like daylight all night. Oh she was spitting nails about it! (even though her bedroom faces in completely the opposite direction.) I guess you can have too much of a good thing.

  6. Such a classic Christmas in the city scene. Lovely.

  7. There are 2 things that have to happen to really get me into Christmas mode.

    1. Seeing the tree be lit in Rockefeller Center (I watch it on TV).
    2. Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (every year since I was a child).

    Yup, I'm in Christmas mode!!! xo.

  8. What a way to make your morning walk brighter. THe city is always so pretty in lights.

  9. We watched the tree lighting from Rockefeller the other night and enjoyed it thoroughly. Beautiful tree.


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