i am not sure
i had a lot of trouble trying to
balance the color
fix the exposure
 this photo
in one editing program
 all i could see 
after importing it 
 a black rectangle
in another 
 i tried 
cue the twilight zone theme

in the end
 i gave up
 didnt even sign it 
this little darling
 was the house pup
 at a small restaurant/pub
the name of which i cannot recall
 we visited 

EDITED because my friend/travel partner extraordinaire Mary sent me this link to Da Spiegel  .. click here to see more of this wonderful little restaurant in Amsterdam


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute. There's a handmade soap store at the market where C and I like to pick up special soaps and the two fellows who run it have two of the tiniest yorkies in the world. If you crouch down very still they will come up, sniff, lick and allow you to pet them. They look like rather large, timid mice. With the tourist, and now the holiday traffic, how they haven't been stepped on and injured, or worse, I have no idea.

  2. Awwwww, reminds me of my little Sammy and Rosie.

  3. Cute little thing. When my older son was 2, my sister's good friend had a Yorkie puppy. Adorable. My sister showed the wee thing to my son and said "Look Jeffrey, what's this?" Expecting him to answer "a puppy" or "a doggie," she was highly amused when he exclaimed "It's a squirrel!" It was just about that tiny.

    Anyway, I like the lighting in this pic.

  4. Voilà...and here he/she is again!


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