what a difference a week makes ...

last weekend
 the most exciting
 it was 

 this weekend
 total slothville 

aside from
 some errands
 a lot of reading

 very much to write about 

lets see
 what i can expand upon

 i am at the stage of needing a hair cut
 my hair hasn't been this long
 in well
 i can't remember

 its longer
it was
the short cut
that looked good 
 it grew out

i am hesitant to go back to that stylist
 i know he's really good

 i love the woman who blow dries my hair
 i like the cut she gave a friend
 my hair and the friend's hair 
at all alike

 i am not sure
 i want to take that chance

 such a dilemma

 i didnt need to buy much
 for the coming week 
as its a short week
 i ordered a ton of food from zabars
 (i really dislike auto correct it insists i mean zebras)


 i dont cook

i order pre-cooked food
 turkey and the fixings
 hotted or heated

 how you think of it
 its like
 dressing vs stuffing 
hotted vs heated 
whatever or whichever

 i am reading an excellent book 
book one of a trilogy 
 lev grossman
 the magicians

 i would tell you more about it 
 i am only 103 pages into the first book

  i did look
for a blurb the share
 what i found was a sort of recap
 the trilogy

the one 
who loves spoilers 
who always said
 knowing what happens isn't a spoiler cause you still have to see how it happens
she went looking
 of course 
i didnt stop reading quickly enough 

i could blame you
 i won't 


here's a photo of my street
 last weekend

i tried
 in the same spot
 the same tree 

didnt work out so well

 you get the idea

  winter is coming!


  1. Wow -- what a difference! I love you love the Grossman trilogy. I really didn't like the first book much, so I never read the others.

  2. I don't mind spoilers either. A good book is like a nice journey. There have been books that I didn't want to end.

    I've never heard of hotted before but I think I know what you mean.

    We are having a small Thanksgiving this year but my MIL is going all out cooking anyway.

  3. Wow, that is a difference. After reading about the new novel (I love spoilers too) I though maybe R would like to read it for Christmas. Maybe. Jury is still out. I'll go look at it physically, but he loves fantasies to pieces. So having the Harry Potter for adults image in my mind, that tree reminds me of a whomping willow. Remember how the tree shook and all the leaves fell down? Nice. :D

  4. I might be wrong, but that could be a tamarack tree.

  5. I have also ordered a Thanksgiving meal, ours from Whole Foods. For just two, a big meal is just so much work and mess. Besides, I wouldn't want to dirty my new kitchen.
    I turned on the heat this morning. I won't discuss the temperature because people in other parts of the country are so cold. But it's all relative, right?

  6. Game of Thrones reference, Zabars/Zebras.
    Before / after tree.

    Lotta good stuff!

    I don't confuse
    greatness with perfection.
    To be great anyhow
    higher achievement."
    Lois McMaster Bujold

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  7. What a lovely tree. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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