say ahhhhhhhh

bottom line
my tonsils 
 have absorbed
 as they are supposed to
 debris from food
 from bacteria
 they seem
 have been overloaded
 they're so small
 so small
 i never had them removed 
still dont need to 
 i do need to gargle
salt water/peroxide mix
get the little white blisters
go away
 keep from recurring

have been
 the source 
 my sore throat
 my often squeaky sounding voice

now i have my very own ent doc 
 i like a lot
 he not only reviewed my history 
before meeting me
 he listened
 even laughed
 at a funny i made

 he'd told me 
an antibiotic
 he was going to give me
 a 'script for 
should i need it 
a pain
the butt 
to take
 you have to take it 4 times a day

 i said
 no problem
 if it helps
unless its a proctologist
you're seeing
 its not
 a pain in the butt

 ha ha ha


  1. Good thing you still got your sense of humor!! Always great to have a doc that laughs along with you!! I have one of them too. Hope you feel better!!

  2. An ent with a sense of humor. Don't lose his card.

  3. I'm so glad you've finally got a good result. Oh boy oh boy, I've had to gargle with salt/bleach mix. Yuck to the max, but I did it and so can you. For me it was better when it was cold water rather than warm and also when the mix was left overnight. That somehow made it more palatable. Cheers to good health and lift your glass girl. :)

  4. I didn't have mine taken out either and have never given them a second thought....until now. So glad you found a good doc who offered a relatively easy solution. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I hope it helps greatly. My tonsils were yanked from me when I was five. I think it was just the thing to do then.

  6. Haaa! But more important ... hope this does the trick.


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